The Homecoming is the fifth episode of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


When an unidentified object is detected entering Earths atmosphere, Colonel White orders the Angels to immediately launch. The team identify the object as an old space capsule, which is heading for a crash-landing in the Arctic Circle. Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue investigate and discover that the capsule is an escape pod from the Endeavor II, a manned mission to Jupiter which mysteriously disappeared fifteen years ago. Entering the capsule, Scarlet and Blue find that two members of the three-man crew have died inside their cryogenic tubes; however, the third occupant is still alive, and is none other than Commander Lewis, Lieutenant Greens father. Lewis is taken back to Skybase, where he is checked over by Doctor Gold - but Lewis is in fact a Mysteron replicant, and when Gold attempts to take a blood sample from him, in order to test his DNA, Lewis hypnotises the doctor and makes him take the sample from himself instead. Now given the all-clear, Lewis is reunited with his daughter, Serena. She accompanies him to the Space Agency in New Mexico - unaware that her 'father' intends to blow up the bases reactor, causing a gigantic explosion that will leave nothing but a smoking hole from California to Texas…