The Achilles Messenger is the eleventh episode of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


At the Spectrum Training Base in Castle Balmeath, Scotland, Captain Scarlet and Destiny Angel are subjected to interrogation resistance testing and psychological profiling. Scarlet soon tires of the inefficiency of the bases staff, and, to make a point, he escapes from his cell, frees Destiny, and together they make off on a motorcycle - much to the annoyance of the base commander, the frosty Astrid Winters. Later that night, Winters is killed in a car crash orchestrated by the Mysterons and is resurrected as a replicant; however, when she returns to the base, instead of killing Captain Scarlet, Winters reveals that she represents a faction of the Mysteron consciousness which believes the war with Earth is a mistake. She offers to hand over information on how to defeat the Mysterons, but insists that she will only tell it to Colonel White in person; as proof of her good faith she also reveals that the Mysterons are planning to murder Earths scientific elite at a gathering of the World Science Congress. Unsure whether or not to trust Winters, White sends Captain Blue and Captain Ochre to investigate the conference, and assigns Scarlet to protect Winters while she is held at the castle. Meanwhile, having learnt of Winters traitorous intentions, Mysteron troops attack the castle and prepare to destroy it with heavily-armed helicopters…