Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Symphony Angel
Real Name Karen Wainwright (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
Yuko Inukai (New Captain Scarlet)
Date of Birth 6th January, 2042
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Race Human
Affiliation Spectrum Organisation
Role Spectrum Angel Fighter pilot
Allies Captain Blue
Captain Scarlet
Colonel White
Lieutenant Green
Captain Black (formerly)
Fellow Spectrum Angels
Other Spectrum Officers
Status Serves as secondary Flight Commander of the Spectrum Angel Flight
One of the five Angel fighter pilots
Appearances To be added
Voice Actor(s) Janna Hill (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
Jules De Jongh (New Captain Scarlet)

Symphony Angel is the code name that the Spectrum Organisation has assigned to Karen Wainwright, originally of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Joing Spectrum[]

Known background[]

Wainwright is a former Universal Secret Service agent who so served under former World Navy Admiral Charles Gray before he became Colonel White, Supreme Commander-In-Chief (CINCSPEC) of Spectrum. In the course of one of her assignments in service under Gray, she became a skilled hairdresser; she still pursues this activity in her off-hours.

After Wainwright resigned from the USS, she joined a small air-freight company, from which she was then recruited into Spectrum by being instructed to deliver a package to a deserted air-strip; once recruited, she became one of the five chosen fighter pilots known as "The Angels".

She also struck up a relationship with Spectrum officer Captain Blue. This could be seen from the medallion he gave her on her birthday and his willingness to violate Colonel White's orders to find her when Captain Black held her hostage in "Manhunt", and in "Attack on Cloudbase" where she dreamed (through a hallucination the Mysterons planted in her mind) of Captain Blue again going to great lengths to try and find her after she got lost in the desert and even confessing his love for her to Colonel White.

New Captain Scarlet[]

In New Captain Scarlet, Symphony Angel's real name is Yuko Inukai. Little else is known about her at this time.

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