Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

The Spectrum Security Guards

The Spectrum Security Guards are personnel of the Spectrum Organisation who are customarily assigned to guard either the safety of an intended Mysteron human target or the security of Spectrum ground bases.

These guards are mainly seen guarding the inside and outside of any of the various world-wide Spectrum Maximum Security Buildings and other Spectrum bases or keeping a chosen Spectrum motorcade safe. They are customarily junior Spectrum personnel, and as such, they generally wear full dress uniforms rather than colour-coded uniforms.


The guards have been seen in four instalments: "The Mysterons", "Winged Assassin", "The Heart of New York", and "Codename Europa". NOTE: They were used as Multiple Duty Puppets with some appearing more than once.

  • In "The Mysterons", they were seen on buildings watching the motorcade and the inside of the Maximum Security building in New York when an assassination attempt was made on World President James T. Younger's life.
  • In "Winged Assassin", one was seen disguised as a London National Airport Guard.
  • In "The Heart of New York", one was seen on duty at the Spectrum Security Vaults when Mr. Kruger, designer of the vaults' security system, breached the very security measures he had initially helped to arrange.
  • In "Codename Europa", a group of them were seen guarding Vandon Base, a security building providing protection for one of the three members of the Triumvirate of Europe, President Conrad Olafson. Another one was also shown to be guarding a Spectrum Security Centre that was protecting another Triumvirate member, President John L. Henderson.
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