Spectrum Saloon car

Spectrum Saloon Cars are vehicles that provide high-velocity mobility for Spectrum personnel. Combining speed with safety, the eighteen-foot-long vehicle is capable of reaching 200 m.p.h., and is fitted with ultra-high-frequency transceiver radios to maintain contact with Cloudbase or personnel in other vehicles. Computerised global-positioning systems linked to the Spectrum satellite network are fitted, along with crash bags and an Infra-Red Beam Car Control system. This ensures that safe distances are maintained between vehicles in normal operating conditions, and also regulates speeds if linked to Motorway Electronic Speed Control sensors. Also included is a long-distance laser viewing projector with an optical telescope, linked to a TV monitor on the dashboard. Magnetic brake drums provide controlled braking using electromagnets to generate opposing magnetic fields within the wheel-housing's central core and outer rim.

The original incarnations of Captain Scarlet and Captain Brown were aboard just such a car as this in "One Man Fate Has Made Indestructible" when it was crashed down the side of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State on its way to New York City.

Ssc views

The diagram of the SSC