A Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, one of Spectrum's ground workhorses.

The Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, also known as the SPV, is a high-speed pursuit and combat vehicle used by Spectrum personnel. Its driver sits facing the rear operating the vehicle by a sophisticated computer-controlled monitor screen, linked to sensors and cameras. Fitted with communication and life-support systems, the vehicle can be hermetically sealed, and are kept in secret locations throughout the world.

Captain Blue is considered one of the best SPV drivers in Spectrum; Captain Scarlet's skills driving these motorised behemoths, however, are not quite as good, as he crashes the SPV he is driving in at least one episode. Captain Black is also shown to be a good driver, when he stole one in order to evade capture from Spectrum.

The SPV's primary weapon is a multi-function perrion cannon that firs a variety of shells and missiles.

Technical Data:Edit

  • Length: 25 feet
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Weight: 8 tons
  • Maximum speed (on land): Initially 200 mph; design modifications in March 2069 saw increase to 250 mph
  • Maximum speed (on water): 50 knots (57.54 mph)
  • Seating capacity: 3 (two drivers and one passenger)
  • Based on: World Army Air Force Zeus Combat Tank of 2064
  • Fuel capacity: 500 gallons
  • Fuel consumption: 25.7 miles per gallon
  • Range: 12,850 miles
  • Engines: 2 rear aqua-jets for water travel
  • Construction material: Fleetonium alloy

SPV Requisition Stations:Edit

  • SPV 021, Location: Workshop, New York City Airport, USA (Place Of Angels)
  • SPV 60E, Location: Grain Silo, Farm, North Devon, England (Captain Scarlet Versus Captain Black)
  • SPV A69, Location: Swift Removals Van, Delta Filling Station, London, England (The Mysterons)
  • SPV A75, Location: Auld Lang Syne Whisky Plant, Glen Garry, Scotland (The Trap)
  • SPV 104, Location: Underground Bunker, Delta Filling Station, Arizona Desert, USA (Special Assignment)
  • SPV 105, Location: Caravan, Country Residence 30 miles from London International Airport, England (Winged Assassin)
  • SPV 428, Location: Village Emporium, Sahara Desert, North Africa (Point 783)
  • SPV 442, Location: Village Store, Canada (Expo 2068)
  • SPV 503, Location: Log Cabin, Frost Line Defense Area, Northern Canada (Avalanche)
  • SPV 0782, Location: Dummy Oil Storage Tank, Delta Filling Station, Stone Point Village, England (Manhunt)
  • SPV 1034, Location: Dummy Oil Storage Tank, Delta Refinery, Bensheba District, Middle East (Fire at Rig 15)
  • SPV Classified, Location: Casino, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Southern France (Model Spy)