Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

The roundel logo of the Spectrum Organisation, as used in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.
It is seen on uniforms, craft, vehicles and other forms of their equipment.

The roundel logo of the Spectrum Organisation, as used in Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.
It is used for the same purpose as OCS.

The Spectrum Organisation, in both the super-marionation (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons) and hyper-marionation (New Captain Scarlet) programmes, is an armed military force established through a charter approved on Thursday, 7 July, 2067 and signed on Sunday, 10 July, 2067. Its Commander-In-Chief, or CINCSPEC, is answerable solely to the President of the World Government of Earth.



The Spectrum Organisation is tasked, in its charter, with keeping peace throughout Earth, especially between the member nations of the World Government of Earth and the political leagues whose member nations have refused to join the World Government, where the World Armed Forces--the World Army Air Force, the World Navy, the World Marine Corps, and the World Space Patrol--cannot act as effectively. As the ultimate task team, with its Commander-In-Chief, or CINCSPEC, answering only to the President of the World Government of Earth, it is required to face the ultimate challenges to planet-wide peace. It is thus the armed military force of Earth, as a direct result, that has unfortunately found itself forced to do most of the fighting on the "front lines" of a war of nerves against a powerful alien force from Mars known as the Mysterons.


The primary Spectrum Academy for training its personnel, especially its colour-coded senior personnel (see below), is its Koala Base, a military training facility located in the Outback of Australia. Fanon sources specify the duration of training for its personnel as one year.


The elite of Spectrum's most senior personnel are all stationed at its command headquarters; this facility is not actually located in any nation on Earth, but instead above all of them, aboard a flying aircraft carrier that has come to be known as Cloudbase. (In New Captain Scarlet, Spectrum's command headquarters is called Skybase.) The true identities of all these elite senior personnel are considered highly classified information to protect people who may be close to them from being harmed, owing to the dangers that such personnel regularly face, with at least one fanon source describing the requirement for "Rainbow Clearance" to be permitted to know them, and thus these identities are protected by code names drawn from the colours of the rainbow.

Component agencies[]

Agencies within the Spectrum Organisation that have been mentioned, and in some cases even depicted, include the Spectrum Intelligence Service, the Spectrum Police Department, and the Spectrum Research Centre. The Spectrum Medical Service, another such component agency of the organisation, has not been so mentioned or depicted, and its existence is inferred from fanon sources.


The organisation employs the code acknowledgment call S.I.G., for "Spectrum is Green," meaning that they acknowledge, or are acknowledging, a message or order. It is similar to the codes of "10-4" and "Roger" that other, similar organisations use. If they do not acknowledge or if something is wrong, then they use the code S.I.R., for "Spectrum is Red." (Sometimes, Spectrum personnel have emphasised expansions on the acronym to indicate agreements under protest.)


Since the Spectrum Organisation is an international armed military force with facilities and bases in every location belonging to the World Government, it has numerous personnel, not all of whom are colour-coded, serving at many of these facilities and these bases, but the exact number is classified. Thus there are almost certainly many more Spectrum personnel, colour-coded or otherwise, than have actually been shown in either Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons or New Captain Scarlet, Fanon writers have taken advantage of this to create characters, some of whom are colour-coded and some of whom are not. These other characters include personnel of Spectrum Intelligence, the Spectrum Police Department, the Spectrum Medical Service referred to above, the Spectrum Research Centre, the Spectrum Security Guards, Spectrum Technicians, and Koala Base Officers. (In "The Inquisition", one of the agents of Spectrum Intelligence, whose family name was stated as Colgan, had already fallen victim to Mysteron takeover before Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue ate at the Markham Arms Restaurant.)


In Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons[]

Spectrum Officers[]

The Spectrum Organisation's colour code-named senior officers are special, talented personnel, all of whose skills from their previous lines of work are used for the efficiency of the organisation. They each wear special uniforms, not sporting rank insignia, whose radio-caps, tunics, and boots are coloured in their respective colour code-names. (The one exception shown was that of Captain Indigo, who was disguised as a waiter at the Spectrum Research Centre's hunting lodge in his only appearance on the programme, but whose waistcoat bore his colour code-name.)

NOTE: Neither Captain Brown's nor Captain Indigo's real names were ever specified in OCS.

The Angels[]

A team of five daring, skilled fighter pilots.

In New Captain Scarlet[]

In the new CGI series, the personnel have changed; some have different names and origins, and some personnel who were male in OCS are now female.

Spectrum Officers[]

The Angels[]


Several other members of personnel have been included to the Captain Scarlet franchise, though have only be seen and mentioned in comic strips, novels or made as fan made characters and action figures:

Spectrum Officers[]

The Angels[]

  • Fantasy Angel
  • Mystery Angel
  • Verity Angel
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