Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

The Spectrum Intelligence Service is the branch of the Spectrum Organisation tasked with the maintenance of the military, and civilian, intelligence that it has gleaned about potential threats to and/or breaches of world peace, including the Mysterons, It maintains the Spectrum Security Vaults where information on not only the Mysterons but also retro-metabolism is kept.

Mentions and implications[]

Spectrum Intelligence was implied to be maintaining the Spectrum Security Vaults in "The Heart of New York," where the security-system designer of the Vaults, after he and two joint conspirators broke into it but found only classified documents rather than gold, subsequently targeted the gold vaults of the Second National Bank, the main bank in New York, by posing as Mysteron agents. (The genuine Mysterons destroyed the bank instead.)

In "The Inquisition," the Mysterons took over an agent of Spectrum Intelligence whose family name was Colgan, attempting (vainly, as it proved) to make Captain Blue betray the entire Spectrum Organisation to them.

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