Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

The Spectrum Identification Pass, the one being shown belongs to Captain Scarlet.

The Spectrum Identification Pass is a security pass used for clearance on any missions or requisitions of vehicles by personnel of the Spectrum Organisation. It is mainly seen being used by such Spectrum colour-coded officers as Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue. On the one side, it contains a portrait of the officer around a frame bearing the officer's colour code; on the other side is the Spectrum Organisation's roundel logo, with a message which says: "This is to certify that (codename of officer) is a member of the Spectrum Organisation." It is then signed and sealed by Spectrum Commander-In-Chief Colonel White himself.


The Spectrum Identification Passes are mostly seen being used to requisition a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, hidden in a certain location of their mission. After Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue ask for the SPV, the attendant goes through the routine procedure of asking for their identification and when it is shown to them, they give them access to the vehicle.

Non-usage of procedures[]

However, there were two instalments where the identification routine was not used.

  • In the instalment "Manhunt", Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue arrived at an automotive petrol station to pick up SPV 0782, but Captain Black had already stolen it, and had also killed the mechanic who worked there. That mechanic's Mysteron likeness had also been instructed to kill the two Spectrum captains. But Captain Scarlet saw through the trap when the mechanic's likeness did not go through the standard procedure of requesting identifications, and he instead shot him.
  • In the instalment "Special Assignment", Captain Scarlet, undercover in Nuclear City, Nevada, asked for SPV 104. The attendant then went through the procedure of asking for his identification. However, Captain Scarlet had been instructed not to have his identification pass with him to avoid blowing his own cover, and he instead knocked out the attendant.


Fanon describes the pass as having imprinted holograms and other security details that cannot be duplicated by any known civilian means. Presumably, these details also allow access to Spectrum vehicles, whose access points can be presumed to have built-in security scanning devices that will then block any attempts made to access such vehicles without proper authorisation. Fanon also describes Cloudbase's brig--and, by extension, Skybase's brig--as being similarly secured.