Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

Captain Scarlet employing the Hover Pack, and wearing his colour-coded flight helmet, in "Expo 2068".

The Spectrum Hover Pack, also known as the Power Pack and Thruster Pack, is a special device worn by Spectrum personnel to get quickly airborne to a certain location. The pack was first seen used by Captain Blue in the first instalment when he was rescuing the World President from the London Car Vu Sky Park Tower.

It is made of conventional aircraft materials, and it contains two handle controls for steering and buttons on the top for turning on the pack's Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) air-jets, which have enough vertical thrust to reach a height of at least 800 feet.

These devices are kept in the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, along with a colour-coded flight helmet (the Spectrum "radio-helmet") that contains the same form of communication as the Spectrum radio-cap, but on the right side of the face of each particular officer such as Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue. Its main power source is the electrical energy that the power unit of the SPV itself generates.


After when Century 21 studios closed down after production of UFO, the SPV Hover Pack was brought by the Doctor Who production team it was seen again in Doctor Who story Colony In Space

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