Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

This page is based on their craft and vehicles. For their equipment, see: Spectrum Equipment. For their uniforms and other items of clothing, see: Spectrum Uniforms.

Since the Spectrum Organisation is one of the most strongest and advanced security forces in the world, several types of craft and vehicles are used:

Craft and Vehicles from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Craft and Vehicles from New Captain Scarlet

Spectrum Craft and Vehicles
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Original Series
Cloudbase | Spectrum Saloon Car (SSC) | Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) | Maximum Security Vehicle (MSV) | Angel Interceptor | Spectrum Passenger Jet (SPJ) | Spectrum Helicopter | Magnacopter | Spectrum Hovercraft | Zero-X | Martian Exploration Vehicle (MEV) | Spectrum Clam Sub | Yellow Fox | Spectrum Detector Van

New Captain Scarlet
Skybase | Rhino | Cheetah | White Falcon Interceptor | Bison | Stallion Raid Bike | Swift Passenger Jet | Albatross | Skyrider Bike | Hummingbird Helicopter | Spectrum Space Shuttle