Skin Deep is the twelfth episode of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


As Scarlet and Destiny enjoy a spot of mountain climbing in the desert they are contacted by Colonel White, who informs Destiny that she has been chosen by the Aerospace Research Unit to help test their new flight guidance system. Some time later, as Destiny heads for the Falcon Air Base, she is overtaken by a speeding car, which then swerves off the road and crashes; Destiny goes to help, only to find the car empty – too late, she realises it is a trap, and she is captured at gunpoint by Captain Black. Some time later, Destiny breaks into the International Defence Force Headquarters, steals a set of top-secret missile launch codes, and badly injures a security guard while making her escape. When White shows Scarlet the security video recording of Destinys actions, he is devastated – the woman he loves has gone, and she is now under Mysteron control. Scarlet immediately sets out to locate and kill the rogue Destiny. However, he is unaware that the person he saw committing the crime was in fact an agent named Gina Martineri, who has been transformed into a perfect double of Destiny using a device created by the German scientist Herr Janus; Black is holding the real Destiny prisoner at Janus' clinic, and has forced the scientist to use his device on Martineri as part of a plan to destroy Spectrum once and for all…