Rat Trap is the seventh episode of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


When Spectrum loses contact with Elysium base on Mars, Colonel White sends Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Doctor Gold, and Destiny and Harmony Angels to investigate. After achieving Mars orbit, the team heads for the planets surface in the shuttles excursion vehicle, only to immediately come under missile attack from the base. Destiny manages to make a crash landing, but the craft is badly damaged; the only way off the planet lies at Elysium – which is taken to now be under Mysteron control. Boarding their Bison Alien Terrain Vehicle, Scarlet and the others head for Elysium. En route the come across a Bison which came from Elysium, and its three crewmen have died from lack of oxygen while apparently fleeing from their base. Arriving at Elysium, the Spectrum team discover that the remaining members of the bases volunteer personnel have all been brutally murdered. Destiny and Harmony attempt to access the bases shuttle, only to find that its systems have been sabotaged. It isn't long before the Spectrum team discover the saboteur: a robotic Remote Acquisition Technology (RAT) probe designed for use in hostile environments, has been taken over by the Mysterons and turned into a deadly killing machine. Using Captain Blue for bait, Scarlet manages to lure the RAT out into the open; he then jumps the robot like a cowboy riding a bronco, and destroys it with a limpet mine. However, Scarlet and Blue then learn that there is a second RAT which also under Mysteron control – and it is heading straight for Destiny…