Mysteron Flying Saucer

A Mysteron Flying Saucer.

The Mysteron Flying Saucer is a space vehicle supposedly used by the Mysterons. They only appeared once, in the Symphony Angel's dream in "Attack On Cloudbase," in which a fleet of such Mysteron ships overran Cloudbase and destroyed it.

The ships were shown to be very powerful and equipped with special weapons, and despite the Angel Flight pilots's best efforts to defend Cloudbase using their interceptors, they were no match for the spacecraft. Any aircraft that did try to attack the spacecraft was, instead, destroyed by a single shot from a Mysteron ship in a matter of seconds.

Technical Data:Edit

  • Diameter: 200 feet
  • Maximum speed (atmospheric): Mach 4 (3045 mph)

As the Mysteron Flying Saucers only appeared in the Symphony Angel's dream, it is unknown if they actually exist, or the Mysterons even have any spacecraft at all. However, it is believed that they do not.