A "Mysteron Living Bomb" is a Mysteronised likeness of a normal Earthman whose matter The Mysterons have de-stabilised, in order to enable him, her, or it to explode himself in proximity to whatever target of their retaliation the Mysterons are then attacking.


Two Mysteron bombs are described following:

"The Mysterons"Edit

Captain brown living bomb

The Captain Brown likeness triggers his self-detonation.

The first living bomb was the likeness of Captain Brown of the Spectrum Organisation, who detonated himself Inside the President's Underground Office In Spectrum Maximum Security Building in New York in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate James T. Younger, President Of The World Government of Earth in "The Mysterons."

"Point 783"Edit

Major brook living bomb

The Major Brooks likeness triggers his self-detonation.

The second living bomb The Mysterons detonated was their likeness of Major Brooks of SHEF(Supreme Headquarters Earth Forces), was destroyed in a failed attempt to assassinate The World Supreme Commander of The Earth Forces in "Point 783."

NON-living bombsEdit

In an instalment titled "The Launching," the Mysterons's likeness of Mervin Brand, a reporter, arranged the "Cordon Vert" Champagne bottle for Mysteron takeover in such a manner that it would have blown up upon striking the President Roberts, a nuclear ocean liner at whose launching the elected official had planned to be present. The resultant blast would have triggered a nuclear explosion that would have contaminated the area for hundreds of cubic metres around. This was the only known time in the programme when a Mysteron bomb intended for an act of retaliation was not a living being, even though the Mysterons were shown to be perfectly capable of taking over other inanimate objects in the same manner. As it was, the bottle missed the liner and only destroyed the shipyard observation tower, destroying the Brand likeness with it and killing Captain Scarlet in a manner from which he was able to retro-metabolise in full.


The reasons the Mysterons prime some of their likenesses to become living bombs is not clear. At the very least, no explanation for it is known to have been provided in Anderson-authorised material.