Koala Base is the Spectrum Organisation's primary Training Academy, comparable to such United States armed-forces academies as:

  1. West Point, New York, where United States Army officers usually study;
  2. Annapolis, Maryland, where United States Navy officers usually study; or
  3. Colorado Springs, Colorado, where United States Air Force officers usually study.

(Neither the United States Marine Corps nor the United States Coast Guard train their officers in true armed-forces academies.)

When it was initially established to train Spectrum personnel, its founding "Superintendent" as such was Spectrum senior officer Captain Black, who stepped down from the post before taking command of the Zero-X Mission to the planet Mars, where he illegally ordered the unprovoked attack on the Mysterons' Martian complex and touched off their war of nerves against Earth.


In canon

"Traitor!" reveals the location of Koala Base as the continent/nation of Australia.

In fanon

Fanon specifies the location of Koala Base as ten miles north of Liberty Point Mines, in the Great Sandy Desert of Australia's outback.

The actual location of Koala Base is highly classified, and the reliabilities of these sources are thus quite low.

Known curriculum

As an armed-forces academy, Koala Base trains its personnel in military arts and sciences, along with any other relevant subjects its trainees may wish to pursue. Its residential dormitories were not shown to be coeducational, as the one sequence in "Traitor!" that depicted their interiors did not show any female trainees. Whether they are coeducational, however, has not been revealed outside fanon sources.
According to the said fanon sources, Koala Base trains its personnel, very intensively, for one full year before it will allow any of them to graduate into actual service to Spectrum. This practice is a holdover from Captain Black's tenure as Koala Base's founding "Superintendent." One particular fanon source ({}) recognises that, as the ultimate task team, answerable only to the World President, Spectrum has to face the ultimate challenges and, hence, does not have easy duties.

Known "Superintendents"

  • Captain Black (founding)
  • Major Stone (on such duty at the time of the events in "Traitor!")
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