Katie was the owner of a diner in the town of Ragnarok, appearing in the episode Storm At The End Of The World.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Katie was the owner of the local diner in the small mining town of Ragnarok, located in Alaska.

Mysteronisation[edit | edit source]

One late night the town doctor was the last customer in the diner. While conversing he and Katie noticed the ground seemingly beginning to tremble. As they went outside they saw a massive Russian Drusinyk tank being driven by a Mysteron replicant destroying the town. Horrified, Katie and the Doc tried to escape only to be gunned down by the tank’s Gatling guns. The Mysteron agent then used the Drusinyk’s firepower to level the rest of the town. Within seconds, the Mysterons reconstructed the entire village and all of its inhabitants, Katie included.

Knowing it was only a matter of time before Spectrum would be looking for the stolen Drusinyk, the Mysterons instructed the Katie replicant to stay behind at her diner while the rest of the town went down to the mine. The next day, Scarlet and Blue arrived only to find the village deserted. When they walked into the restaurant, they helped themselves to some of the coffee before Katie entered from the kitchen. Seemingly retaining her friendly and talkative personality, Katie struck up a conversation before both Blue and Scarlet began feeling drowsy. The replicant cheerfully revealed she had drugged the coffee before they passed out.

Katie was next seen being infected by the Doc along with the rest of the villagers with a sample of the alien spores in the meteorite recovered from the mine. They then all boarded a cargo plane and prepared to fly off to every major city across the Earth. However, their plane was shot down by Scarlet using the very same Drusinyk that had previously destroyed their town. Katie and all the other replicant were destroyed when the plane exploded.

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