Heist is the thirteenth and final episode of Series 1 of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


Colonel White's dinner with his daughter Victoria is interrupted by Lieutenant Green, who reports that a Vampire fighter jet has been hijacked from the USAF base at Little Marwood and is now targeting the Schleswig-Holstein nuclear plant in Germany. Together with his bodyguards for the evening, Captain Scarlet, Destiny Angel and Captain Blue, White sets off in pursuit of the hijacked plane in a Spectrum Hummingbird Helicopter; they soon meet up with the Angels Interceptors en route, and the stolen Vampire is swiftly shot down. However, while Spectrum's attention is distracted, Victoria is kidnapped by three men and held hostage. When White's wife, Diana, contacts him with the news, the Colonel immediately leaves Skybase in a Stallion Raid Bike and heads for home; here, he is contacted by the kidnappers, who threaten to kill Victoria unless White uses a Spectrum Rhino and helps them mount an attack on an armoured express train en route to Paris so that they can steal its cargo of $1 billion in gold bullion. White has no choice but to accept – unaware that the entire operation has been masterminded by Captain Black, who plans to discredit White so that the Colonel will be relieved of his command of Spectrum…