Gerry Anderson MBE[1] (14 April 1929-26 December 2012), born Gerald Alexander Abrahams in Kilburn, North London[2], was a British producer, director and writer who became famous for his futuristic television programmes, particularly those involving the super-marionation process of specially modified marionettes.

Married for years to the former Sylvia Thamm, better known by her married name of Sylvia Anderson, he sired at least one son by her, Jamie Anderson. The acrimony of their divorce in the 1970s led him to refer to her, invariably with undisguised hostility, as "that woman" for the rest of his years.

He died on 26 December 2012 of dementia at the age of 83. At his death, he left behind a legacy of futuristic story-telling that would continue to outlive him.

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