Fallen Angels is the seventh episode of Series 2 of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


While Colonel White, Captain Blue and Captain Ochre are at the World Summit Conference, Captain Scarlet is assigned command of Spectrum as it oversees security, helped by Lieutenant Green. Meanwhile, Destiny returns from her latest mission, having shot down wreckage from an old U.N. space station before it could fall to Earth. However, as the Angel returns to base, the plane containing White is attacked by four Canadian Air Force Vampire jets under Mysteron control, she joins the other Angels, and a deadly dogfight ensues. Although all the enemy fighters are dealt with, Harmony and Melody are forced to eject when their fighters are shot down, while Destiny only just manages to bail out after her jet is hit by shrapnel. To the delight of the three Angels, they come to land on the beach of a beautiful desert island, and when Destiny checks in with Captain Scarlet, she learns that she, Harmony and Melody must remain on the island for the next twenty-four hours, as all other Spectrum aircraft are on alert for the conference. However, the Angels stay in paradise will be short-lived – out at sea, a gang of vicious pirates are killed by Mysteron intervention, and then brought back under the aliens control. The Mysterons then instruct the bandits to head for the island and capture the Angels – by forcing the trio to reveal the location of the summit, the Mysterons can then kill every world leader with a single, deadly blow…