Dominion is the thirteenth and final episode of Series 2 of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet and final episode of the show overall. However, ITV's Ministry of Mayhem broadcasts erroneously aired this as the 12th episode, with "Grey Skulls" airing a week later.

This episode sets New Captain Scarlet apart from the original series as it acts as a true series finale, apparently resolving the conflict between Earth and the Mysterons.


Captain Black steals a Druzynik tank and aims to destroy the Tereshkovo nuclear plant in Siberia; the Angels are ordered to stop him, but the armoured vehicle easily shrugs off their missile attack. Giving chase in another Druzynik, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue manage to destroy the Mysteron agents tank just before it comes within weapons range of the plant. Blacks body is thrown clear of the blast, and is immediately taken back to Skybase for examination. Here Black's body rapidly heals, and when he regains consciousness, the agent declares that he is now free of Mysteron control. Although Destiny is convinced that her former lover has returned, her colleagues remain suspicious, and when Black then announces that he wishes to make amends for his actions, and offers to reveal the location of the Mysterons power source on Mars, Colonel White flatly refuses to sanction a mission. Seeing an opportunity to end the war, Scarlet frees Black and together they escape Skybase on Stallion Raid Bikes; White orders Blue and Ochre to give pursuit, but the two agents are overpowered by Scarlet, who takes Black to the International Space Agency in New Mexico, where they steal a Spectrum shuttle. When the ISA ask White to grant clearance for the spacecraft, the Colonel decides to trust Scarlet's instincts, and he allows the vessel to lift off. Scarlet and Black soon land on Mars and set off for the Mysteron city in their Bison ATV, unaware that the Mysterons are now following their every move. Can Black really be trusted – or is Scarlet being led into a final, lethal trap?


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