Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Doctor Gold
Real Name Mason Frost
Date of Birth 1983
Hair Grey
Eyes Blue
Race Human
Affiliation Spectrum Organisation
Role Colour-coded Spectrum medical officer
Allies Colonel White
Captain Scarlet
Other fellow Spectrum Officers
The Spectrum Angels
Status Active in duty
Appearances Unknown number
of instalments
of New Captain Scarlet
Voice Actor(s) Nigel Plaskitt (New Captain Scarlet)

Doctor Gold is the Spectrum Organisation's code name for Dr. Mason Frost, M.D., a character in the Hyper-marionation programme New Captain Scarlet, who is the Chief Medical Officer of Skybase, New Captain Scarlet's counterpart to Cloudbase in the original 1960s Super-marionation programme, Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons. Nigel Plaskitt provides his character voice.

In the NCS continuity, he is the programme's counterpart to Doctor Fawn, Chief Medical Officer of Cloudbase, in OCS. He appears in every instalment of the entire "Hyper-marionation," or computer-generated imagery (CGI) programme. (He is featured, for example, in the introductory sequence of New Captain Scarlet.)

In NCS, Doctor Gold discovers that the retro-metabolic abilities of Mysteron agents are genetic, in that they consist of mutations of the genomes of those agents. This differs from the OCS discovery of Mysteron attributes, as Doctor Fawn learns that Mysteronised likenesses are impervious to X-rays.

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