Cloudbase, the Command Headquarters of the Spectrum Organisation.

Cloudbase is the flying aircraft carrier, operating forty thousand (40,000) feet above Earth, which serves as the command headquarters for the Spectrum Organisation, Captain Black oversaw its construction and helped its development Its location, not actually being in any nation of Earth but instead above ALL of them, is intended to prevent any member nation of the World Government of Earth for using it to advance any political agendas, Cloudbase is controlled by special thrusters keeping it airbourne.

Colonel White, Supreme Commander-In-Chief of the Spectrum Organisation, also serves as the Commanding Officer of the carrier itself, with Lieutenant Green as his aide. As a defense for Cloudbase, several Angel interceptor aircraft, flown by the female members of the Angel Flight, are always kept on stand-by status, and launch quickly as soon as they are alerted. The Spectrum senior staff are stationed here for duty, including Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue, and the carrier also carries other aircraft, including Spectrum Passenger Jets.

Cloudbase has several rooms and facilities for Spectrum personnel, including:

  1. The Control Room, where Colonel White and Lieutenant Green customarily work.
  2. A "room of sleep," where personnel can get sleep whenever they may need it.
  3. Lounges where members can relax.
  4. A sickbay, including a surgical theatre, manned primarily by Dr. Fawn.
  5. A conference room.

Since Cloudbase is so high in Earth's atmosphere, a chance of attack from the Mysterons is unlikely, but since Captain Black touched off the Mysteron-Earthman War Of Nerves, the Mysterons have tried several times to destroy it. In "White As Snow," they even took over a satellite from space and used it to try to destroy Cloudbase. But Colonel White dispatched the Symphony Angel to destroy the satellite; to this end, she needed to launch but one of her interceptor's missiles.

The Mysterons were shown, in "Attack On Cloudbase," to have managed to destroy Cloudbase with their flying saucers, but this was revealed to be a hallucination they had planted in the Symphony Angel's mind whilst she was stranded in the desert, and Cloudbase and the Spectrum personnel were all revealed to be safe.

Technical Data:Edit

  • Length: 630 feet
  • Width (excluding hover turbines): 330 feet
  • Height: 130 feet
  • Weight: 87,000 tons
  • Location: Variable
  • Location altitude: 40,000 feet
  • Number of personnel: 593