Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

Circles of Doom is the ninth episode of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


Bored with her leave of duty, Destiny rejoins her fellow Angels at an air show held at an air base in Southern England. But as the team carries out a breathtaking practice run of their aerobatic display, Captain Black appears and uses a Mysteron device to shut down all the digital electronic systems in the area. As the systems aboard the Angel interceptors go out of control, Harmonys plane flies too close to Destinys and damages its wing; Harmony manages to eject before her aircraft crashes into the fields below, but Destiny can only watch helplessly as her Interceptor sets itself onto a collision course with the Control Tower. However, at the last minute, Black deactivates the device, and Destiny makes a safe landing. Back aboard Skybase, Colonel White is concerned that a recurrence of the breakdown could have terrible consequences for the planet; he also informs his team of a series of crop circles that have appeared within the footprint of the anomaly. Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue take a Hummingbird helicopter to investigate the circle that lies at the mathematical centre of the affected area, but when they arrive, the circle has mysteriously vanished. Scarlet suddenly feels nauseous, indicating a Mysteron presence nearby, and then Blue discovers that the Hummingbird's power has been drained. The crop circle reappears around them and immediately sinks into the ground, taking Scarlet, Blue and the helicopter with it. At the bottom of the shaft, the two Spectrum agents come face-to-face with Captain Black; the Mysterons speak through the rogue agent, demanding Mankinds surrender in twenty-four hours or else they will trigger a world-wide technological failure that will destroy everyone on the planet…