Chiller is the sixth episode of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


In a remote diner in Phoenix, Arizona, Spectrum flight engineer Xander Story makes contact with two Mysteron Agents. Story agrees to destroy Spectrums Skybase in return for the aliens promise that they will halt their war on mankind - and also accepts the large suitcase of money they give him. Story is about to leave when Captain Scarlet bursts in; a gunfight ensues, but quickly ends when Captain Scarlet is shot and killed. Knowing that his body will soon return to life, the Mysterons tie Scarlet to a pillar, hijack a petro-chemical truck, and drive the vehicle into the diner, completely destroying the premises in a massive explosion. Searching for Scarlet, Captain Blue finds his badly devastated body and takes it back to Skybase. However, Doctor Gold finds that Scarlets injuries are too severe, and with no sign of the retrometabolisation process taking place, he is forced to pronounce the agent dead. While Destiny and Blue grieve for their lost friend, Story arrives on board Skybase, with a bomb secreted in his engineering case. Back in sickbay, Scarlet regains consciousness, only to find that no one can see or hear him, and that he has somehow become intangible – it looks like Scarlet has become a ghost…