Captain Scarlet Spectrum Agents' Manual is "a technical guide to Spectrum, the global security service of 2068, and features background information, a history of its creation, profiles of leading agents, confidential details of Spectrum’s most valuable weapon in the fight against the Mysterons, and fully annotated cutaway drawings of Spectrum vehicles. The book finishes with comprehensive Mission Files, making it the complete and essential manual for all Spectrum Agents."

Released in late 2017, the manual also contains cutaway drawing of a number of vehicles (as well as a certain location) that made an appearance in Thunderbirds and Thunderbirds. Such vehicles include Zero-X (which also appeared in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons), the WAF Wombat, the RTL-2, and World Navy battleship W.N.S. Atlantic. Additionally a cross-section of Glenn Field Spaceport features in the book.


  • An introduction by Colonel White.
  • Background information about the amazing technological and scientific achievements of the late 21st century.
  • Fully detailed and comprehensively annotated cutaway drawings of all the major Spectrum vehicles, the global network map, and Cloudbase by renowned cutaway artist Graham Bleathman.
  • Spectrafiles relating to all of the missions undertaken by Spectrum.
  • ....and many more.

Additional InfoEdit

All illustrations by Graham Bleathman with additional art by Chris Thompson (pages 28, 61, 88, 93, 98), Richard Farrell (pages 38 and 39), and Mike Trim (pages 68 and 72). Frontpiece illustration on page 7 by Mark Thomas.

Spectrum gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Fanderson, the official Gerry Anderson appreciation society for their help in the production of this Manual. Visit