Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Captain Indigo
Real Name Andrew Laurence (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
John Roach (New Captain Scarlet)
Date of Birth 1st September, 2033
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Race Human (formerly)
Mysteron likeness
Affiliation Spectrum Organisation
Role Spectrum Field Agent, Senior Staff Officer and Colour Code Captain
Other fellow Spectrum Officers
The Spectrum Angels (formerly)
The Mysterons
Status Deceased (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
Active in duty (New Captain Scarlet)
Appearances 1 Instalment of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
3 Instalments of New Captain Scarlet
Voice Actor(s) Gary Files (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)

Captain Indigo is an officer of the Spectrum Organisation who has met two distinct fates in the Captain Scarlet canon. In Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, he was killed and reconstructed by the Mysterons, in whose course gave Spectrum the opportunity to test their two new anti-Mysteron devices with successful results. Gary Files provided his character voice.
In New Captain Scarlet, he is still active.

Original Series[]

Little is disclosed of Captain Indigo's past beyond his most probably having been one of the men chosen to be a colour-coded officer of the Spectrum Organisation, with the code name of Captain Indigo. Fanon, however, ascribes to him such real names as that of "Andrew Laurence."

He is only seen in the instalment "Spectrum Strikes Back", disguised as a lodge waiter while helping out his organisation in the development of two new anti-Mysteron devices. After he was asked to bring down one of the devices, a C38 Mysteron detector, his former fellow officer turned Mysteron agent Captain Black suddenly appeared and shot him to death. The Mysterons then employed their knowledge of reversal of matter to re-create an exact likeness of him in their new scheme of destroying the information Spectrum had gleaned about them. Later, the Mysteronised Captain Indigo came down with the prototype for the new detector and watched as Dr. Giadello gave a demonstration of the device, which was shown to be able to detect Mysterons by means of the difference between the X-rays of a normal Earthman (skeletal) and a Mysteron likeness (photographic in monochrome). When the device was suddenly used on him, he panicked and quickly headed back upstairs. They examined the results and found that Captain Indigo showed as a monochrome photographic view instead of a skeletal view, which the Mysteronised Captain Indigo had known all along before his departure.

The Mysteronised Captain Indigo, meanwhile, adjusted the lift mechanism to crush everyone inside and took the control panel key with him. He drove away, but Spectrum officer Captain Scarlet followed him in hot pursuit. With the help of a mountain ranger, Captain Scarlet managed to crash Captain Indigo's car and, in the ensuing gun battle, attacked him with the prototype of another of Dr. Giadello's inventions, the Mysteron rifle; that device fired a deadly barrage of Cherenkov radiation that destroyed the Mysteronised Captain Indigo permanently. Captain Scarlet and the ranger retrieved the key from Captain Indigo's Mysteron corpse, and Captain Scarlet drove back to the lodge, where he barely rescued everyone in the nick of time.

New Captain Scarlet[]

Captain Indigo in New Captain Scarlet

In New Captain Scarlet, Captain Indigo's real name is John Roach, and he has the appearance of an African-American. He is seen in 3 episodes and attends many of the organisation's meetings. He also descends with Captain Scarlet and Colonel White into a mine in Syrtis Major to help rescue three lost miners. Unlike his super-marionation counterpart, the hyper-marionation Captain Indigo does not speak.


  • Captain Indigo was the fourth Spectrum officer to be taken over by the Mysterons.
  • He is never seen in his Spectrum officer uniform as he was disguised as a lodge waiter, but his waistcoat bears his colour code-name.
  • Captain Indigo was a Multiple Duty and Revamp Puppet used for other characters in the series. It had previously been used as Macey in Big Ben Strikes Again!, and then later as the Rocket Room Controller in Renegade Rocket, Mervin Brand in The Launching, and finally a Helicopter Controller in Expo 2068.
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