Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Captain Grey
Real Name Bradley Holden (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
Iain Taggart (New Captain Scarlet)
Date of Birth 4th March, 2033
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Race Human
Affiliation Spectrum Organisation
Role Spectrum Field Agent, Senior Staff Officer and Colour Code Captain
Allies Captain Scarlet
Captain Blue
Colonel White
Lieutenant Green
Other fellow Spectrum Officers
The Spectrum Angels
Status Active on duty
Appearances 12 episodes (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
8 episodes (New Captain Scarlet)
Voice Actor(s) Paul Maxwell (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
Robbie Stevens (New Captain Scarlet)

Captain Grey is the code name that the Spectrum Organisation has assigned to Bradley Holden, once an officer in the World Aquanaut Security Patrol ("WASP") and the former captain of the Stingray, the WASP's most advanced submarine, in the original 1960s super-marionation programme Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Paul Maxwell provides his voice in that production.
In New Captain Scarlet, which is a hyper-marionation programme, Captain Grey is the code name of Iain Taggart, late of Scotland. Robbie Stevens provides his voice there.

The original television programme in the 1960s[]

Bradley Holden, a native of Chicago, Illinois, is a veteran of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, or WASP, as is Seymour Griffiths aka Lieutenant Green.
During his tenure in the WASP, during which he had risen through the ranks to lieutenant commander, Holden served an assignment during which he held command of the Stingray, the WASP's top submarine. Unfortunately, he suffered a back injury that forced him to give up that command, and he was replaced by Captain Troy Tempest. In consequence of that injury, Holden was confined to desk duty, which he hated.

When he was approached to join Spectrum in 2065, by which time he had been deemed fully recovered from his back injury thanks to one of Dr. Edward Wilkie's auto-nurses, Holden served as a kind of field examiner during the exercise in which World Space Patrol Colonel Conrad Turner, aka Captain Black, evaluated him and five other men for their intended positions as the core officers of Cloudbase's senior staff. One of the reasons Holden joined Spectrum and accepted the codename of Captain Grey was to reenter the sphere of decisive action.

Behind the scenes[]

It is commonly believed that the model for the Captain Grey puppet was Thomas "Sean" Connery, best known for having acted out the character of James Bond in a total of seven feature films. But no official confirmation of this widespread speculation is known ever to have been made, least of all published.

Captain Grey in 2005 New Captain Scarlet[]

In New Captain Scarlet, Captain Grey is a Scottish Spectrum captain; his real name is Iain Taggart in this programme's context. He skirled the bagpipes at Captain Black's funeral as a normal Earthman, and he also participated in missions with Captain Ochre and Captain Scarlet himself. He was the first to be kicked out of the Mysteron spaceship when it landed on Earth.

Captain Grey in the New Captain Scarlet

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