Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Captain Brown
Real Name Alan Stephens/Steven Blackburn (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
Ricky Nolan (New Captain Scarlet)
Date of Birth 14th January, 2033
Hair Brown
Eyes Amber
Race Human (formerly)
Mysteron likeness
Affiliation Spectrum Organisation
Role Spectrum Field Agent, Senior Staff Officer and Colour Code Captain
Allies Captain Scarlet
Colonel White
Other fellow Spectrum Officers
The Spectrum Angels
Status Deceased (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
Active on duty (New Captain Scarlet)
Appearances 2 instalments (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)
2 instalments (New Captain Scarlet)
Voice Actor(s) Charles Tingwell (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons)

Captain Brown was a senior staff officer in the Spectrum Organisation, and also, before the Mysterons began their war of nerves against Earth, a friend and the original field partner of Captain Scarlet.


The following history assumes that Captain Brown's real name was Alan Stephens.
Alan Stephens was born in Truro, Cornwall. Years later after frequent education, he left college and joined the World Army Air Force, where he gained degrees in aerospace design management, metal structural engineering and space related mathematics. His superiors were greatly impressed by his capacities in these various fields, and so they promoted him to head the organization responsible for research and development on a new top secret space ship project called ’Zero X.’

His success with the Zero X project led to Stephens working on a new, even more secret assignment: the design of the floating headquarters of a new security organization, to be called Spectrum. While working on this project, Stephens struck up a firm friendship with Charles Gray, who eventually became Colonel White. Colonel White recognized Stephens’ expertise with cameras and electronic surveillance, gained during his time in the WAAF. Considering these skills, and his involvement in the conception of Cloudbase, Stephens was one of the first men to be chosen to become a Spectrum officer, and he received the codename of "Captain Brown".


Captain Brown with Captain Scarlet before their death and reconstruction by the Mysterons.

In the year 2068, after their complex was attacked, illegally and without legitimate provocation, by fellow officer Captain Black, the Mysterons vowed "slow but nonetheless effective" retaliation and declared a war of nerves, which would ultimately lead to the end of all lives on Earth.

As their first act of retaliation, they threatened Earth with the assassination of James T. Younger, President of the World Government of Earth. Colonel White gave Captain Brown his first taste of a field command by assigning him and his then field partner, Captain Scarlet, to protect the World President.

The corpse of the original Captain Brown.

They were driving down a mountain road in New York to rendezvous with Younger and escort him to a Spectrum Maximum Security Building. Captain Brown was put in charge of the escort operation, while Captain Scarlet was to report back to Cloudbase after the rendezvous had been put into effect. Both officers agreed that this new enemy that they were fighting was something beyond their understanding and they should remain vigilant.

Unfortunately, the Mysterons used their powers to sabotage one of the tyres of their Spectrum Saloon Car, causing it to skid off the road and tumble into the bottom of a gully, where it crashed and burned, exploding into flames and killing both officers. Captain Brown’s death was so instantaneous (from a broken neck) that he never knew what had struck him. Captain Scarlet was not so fortunate.

As a Mysteron Agent[]

From the dead corpses of the two men, the Mysterons, using their powers of retro-metabolism, created exact likenesses of them with the goal of carrying out their threat.

Captain Brown escorting the World President in the Maximum Security Building

The Mysterons then sent their likeness of Captain Brown to assassinate the World President at Spectrum Maximum Security Building. When they arrived at the building and went through a security check, an alarm went off as the Captain Brown likeness walked through, but it was revealed that his metal case of cigarettes that he had in the pocket of his tunic had set it off and when the likeness threw them to the floor, he was clear.

Captain Brown as a bomb

They finally headed to the President's new suite, where the Captain Brown likeness tried to kill the World President by turning into a smoking bomb. However, the President noticed how unresponsive the likeness was and the smoke pouring from the Spectrum agent's tunic and pressed an emergency button on the arm of his desk chair, whisking him away to safety while the building blew up. The first Mysteron attempt on his life had failed.

At Cloudbase, he and Colonel White watched a video tape of the incident, leading both of them to believe that Captain Brown had had a bomb concealed in his tunic, and that it was a trigger for a larger device planted in the building. They were amazed by what had happened, for the Colonel said that Captain Brown had been "one of [his] finest men." It was not until later that he learnt that the corpse of the original Captain Brown had been found and the other was a Mysteron.


The following information, provided by[1], assumes that Captain Brown's real name was Steven Blackburn, as established by Mary J. Rudy in her contributions to[2] and thus accepted in fanon.

Consequently, Captain Brown never received his chance to command any missions till after the events on Mars, and the Mysterons’ first attack. Charged with protecting the World President, he was instead killed and taken over by the Mysterons. Soon after this, his wife, Rebecca Evershaw, left Spectrum and gave birth to a boy, whom she named Steven in honor of her husband.


Left: The stunt puppet during filming.
Right: The promotional photograph.

  • A stunt puppet of the original character with slightly different facial features took over during the filming of Captain Brown's detonation to prevent the original from being damaged. This puppet was also used in promotional photography for the series.
  • Because the character of Captain Brown only appeared in two episodes, he became a Multiple Duty and Revamp Puppet used for three main villains who in the same way were killed and reconstructed as Mysteron Agents: Major Reeves in "Renegade Rocket", Neilson in "Noose of Ice" and Professor Gabriel A. Carney in "Codename Europa". He was also seen as some other minor characters: A barman in "Special Assignment", Charlie Hansen in "Fire at Rig 15" and Dr. Ernst Conrad in "Flight 104". Sometimes, the puppet was also given some grey streaks in the hair depending on the age of the character.

New Captain Scarlet[]

Captain Brown appears in no more than two instalments of New Captain Scarlet. He is not known to have dialogue in either.

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