Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

The Angel Interceptor

The Angel Interceptor is a sleek T-tailed delta-winged multi-role fighter aeroplane generally flown by any of the five members of the Angel Flight. Primarily an interceptor with attack role, it has a secondary air-superiority role.

At least three Angel Interceptors are maintained aboard Cloudbase at all times, and at least one Spectrum Angel is customarily on alert duty aboard at least one of them on a regular, presumably 24-hour/7-day, basis.

Known history[]

Designed and built with ceilings of forty thousand (40,000) feet, the regular altitude of Cloudbase, Angel Interceptors are the result of years of research and development; the stages of either that research or that development have not been officially detailed.

The Angel Interceptors are customarily built in stages at a variety of World Government aviation-defence contractors. No one of these has a complete set of detailed working blueprints.

The instalment "Seek and Destroy" showed three unfinished such aircraft being delivered to where their engines would be installed. The Mysterons instead took over those fighter planes, along with their engines, and employed them in an attempt to kill Destiny Angel, then on vacation, and leave from her duties, in her native Paris. Fortunately thanks to the intervention of the other Angels, the Mysteron plan failed.

The Spectrum Angel Interceptor, in external view.

Technical Data[]

(To be added.)

Launch Sequence[]

When a launch alert is given by Lieutenant Green, the engines of Angel One are fired up by the leader pilot, and a catapult hurls the Angel Interceptor towards the sky. Upon Lieutenant Green's order to take-off, the on-duty pilots for Angels Two and Three take their seats in an elevator.  A glass shield slides shut to form a pressure seal, and the elevator takes the two pilots up towards an airlock on the next level ready for immediate launch.

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