Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

"The Launching" is the twenty-seventh instalment of  Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

In it, a Mysteron threat to "destroy President Roberts within the next twelve hours" has a double meaning--which may be false. The Spectrum Organisation finds that it has to determine whether the Mysteron target is the President of the United States, a nuclear ship being named after him which he plans to launch, or both.


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  • In 1993, the instalment was also a novelisation. It was Volume Four of a four volume book series written by Dave Morris, illustrated by Arkadia and published by Young Corgi. It had this description on the back:
This Captain Black relaying instructions from the Mysterons. Your orders are to destroy President Roberts...
Earth is under attack by the Mysterons. Leading the fight against the Mysterons is one man fate has made indestructible: Captain Scarlet.
There's no time to lose when the Mysterons announce their latest target - President Roberts.
Spectrum place a maximum security cordon around the President's residence, and Captain Scarlet races to the scene.
But then Scarlet learns that the President wants to attend the launch of a new atomic liner - the President Roberts...
An explosive and action-packed adventure based on an episode of the sensational TV series.
—The book's description

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