Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons

"Flight 104" is the twenty-third instalment of Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons.


Assigned to protect a scientist who has been targeted for Mysteron assassination, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue run into interference from two reporters who have effectively been stalking the scientist. The Mysterons take over the controls of an airliner whose every seat the Spectrum captains buy out, leaving the reporters trapped aboard with the captains once the liner is in flight.


  • When a reporter attempts to shoot a photograph of Captain Scarlet, when that photograph is developed and printed, Captain Scarlet is instead shown in silhouette. Fanon explains this by listing a "photographic jammer" among Spectrum equipment, which the fanon sources describe as being issued solely in the courses of special assignments, to protect the identities of Spectrum personnel, and detailing inflexible protocols for the requisitioning of such a photographic jammer. (This aspect of fanon also explains Captain Black not being shown in silhouette in "Manhunt" by presuming that he no longer has authorised or permitted access to such devices.)

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  • In 1993, the instalment was also a small paperback in a series of eight books, written by Graham Brown, illustrated by famous artist Richard Chasemore and published by Boxtree.
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