"Fire At Rig Fifteen," styled as "Fire At Rig 15," is the twentieth episode of Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons.

Abridged synopsisEdit

In it, the Mysterons target the Bensheba refinery for the high-octane fuel that Spectrum vehicles use as part of their plan, as they state in their threat, to "immobilise the whole of Spectrum." It is Colonel White who guesses that, as he explains, "When they say 'immobilise Spectrum,' the Mysterons mean they intend to render all our aircraft and vehicles useless."

Captain Black arranges the Mysteron take-over of Jason Smith, an expert at fighting oil-well fires who employs explosives (some of which are of his own formulation) in his line of work. The original Smith is killed in extinguishing a fire at Bensheba Rig Number Fifteen that the Mysterons had ignited, and after his corpse is discovered, Captain Scarlet uses a Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle to crash directly into the Smith likeness's freighter, detonating its cargo of explosives and thereby destroying the Smith likeness without allowing the freighter to reach the refinery storage tanks.